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Data Recovery Services


Format your Disk (Lost file Format)

 Symptoms of an Old HDD

  • Slow Boot to Windows or MacOS

  • Long wait to open Files

  • Failed Windows Updates

  • Blue Screen of Death

  • Failed Software Installs

  • Very long wait times for everything

  • Black Screen / System Hangs


Initialize Disk for Use (MBR / GPT)

Can't See a New Disk?

  • Initialize using Disk Management

  • Format AFTER initialize

  • Assign an unused Drive Letter (G:)

  • Restart the PC

  • Use a different cable (USB / SATA)

  • Format using a different PC

  • Check BIOS settings


Drive Not Accessible (Bad Format)

Imminent Hardware Failure / Data Loss

  • No Boot to Windows or MacOS

  • Black Screen / System Hang

  • Cannot Open Files

  • Missing Icons / Programs / Pics

  • Blue Screen of Death (ALOT)

  • Audible Clicking / Whirring 

  • System Drive not found

Odds are if you purchased any type of computer in the last 10 years, it is reliant upon a HDD (Hard Disk Drive or Hard Drive).  It operates like a table-top record player with a spinning disk and a spindle reader. They are HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE to PHYSICAL FAILURE, laptops especially. Most HDDs are only rated to live for ~ 5 Years from the Manufactured Date. Every HDD comes with its birthday printed on it for this very reason. Once a HDD starts to fail, there is no going back, only worse.  Best practice is to replace your HDD every 3 years or so, BEFORE it starts to physically fail.  Data Recovery differs between Physical and Software recovery. Sometimes your data is recoverable because the HDD works, just maybe not the part Windows is on. We will help you diagnose, recover, and migrate your data as best we can.

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