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Sofa Corner


Desktop or Laptop problems? Come in for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC and let us figure out a solution!

**On-Site Repair Available


Is your computer going slow? Does it take too long to turn on? Does it take forever to load programs? Games running choppy? We have upgrades on hand and can walk you through the process!


Computer giving you pop-ups? Internet going slow? Had your identity stolen? New programs you didn't install? We can fix it!


Are you ready to take PC gaming to the next level? Let us build a PC for you! We can custom design / build anything you can think of. Need help? We can repair it! Come in for a FREE ESTIMATE!


Did your external drive stop working? Did your flash drive fail? Need those pictures recovered? Data Recovery is POSSIBLE!


Has your business lost internet access? Has the main printer lost connection? Is your Point of Sales system non responsive? WE CAN HELP YOU!!!

*** COVID-19 has limited our availability, please call us to set an appointment. ***

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