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Virus Removal & Prevention

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Viruses - Malware (Malicious)

 Symptoms of Malware

  • Possible Identity Theft

  • Changed Passwords on Websites

  • Multiple Password Reset Attempts

  • Some Pop-Ups, more Malware

  • Failed Windows Updates / Security

  • Online Account Theft

  • Unknown purchases online

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Viruses - Adware / Bloatware (Ads)

  Symptoms of Adware

  • Computer will operate slowly

  • Large amount of Pop-Ups

  • Home and Search Engine Changes

  • Excessive Toolbars and Extensions

  • Massive increase of Spam / Junk

  • Pop-Ups to "Repair" PC Online

  • Installation of unneeded programs


Viruses - Trojans / Worms (Critical)

Symptoms of a Trojans

  • Computer may n​ot Boot properly

  • Computer will be slow

  • All Security disabled / bypassed

  • Failed Windows Updates

  • Non-responsive System Functions

  • Extreme amount of Pop-Ups

  • Locked files for Ransom $$$

        The internet of today houses a great deal of useful information and allows us to have conveniences like paying bills from home and video calls. However among these useful tools lie deceptive links, pages, and downloads that can fool you into thinking you're getting free coupons, or free music, or free tech help. The truth is most of these free things come with a price in the form of Viruses. Sometimes they come from E-mails, sometimes from links sent on facebook, sometimes they just pop up outta nowhere! Each one does something different and can effect you in different ways. If you see any of the symptoms listed above please feel free to stop in and drop your computer off for a free diagnostic and let us get you cleaned up!

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