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Desktop & Laptop Upgrades


Desktop not fast enough? We can help

Desktop Upgrades

  • All Sizes 2.5" SSDs / M.2 NVME

  • New / Old Video Cards (Nvidia)

  • New / Old Motherboards

  • RAM (RGB / NON / DDR1/2/3/4)

  • CPUs and CPU Coolers

  • New Cases / RGB Accessories

  • Power Supplies / Adapters

Laptop Upgrades.jpg

Want more from your Laptop?

Laptop Upgrades

  • All Sizes 2.5" SSDs  / M.2 NVME

  • High End USB-C Docks

  • Wireless Keyboard + Mouse

  • RAM (DDR1/2/3/4) All Sizes

  • Mobile High Def Displays

  • Laptop Coolers

  • Large Cell Batteries / Chargers

VR Headset

Be Ready for the Next Big Thing...


  • All upgrades have meaning

  • Be Ready for Windows Upgrades

  • Play the latest Games / Programs

  • 3D Printing / VR / 5K / WiFi 6

  • Smart Upgrades not just Expensive

  • Reduce downtime

  • Increase Reliability

Technology has come a very long way in the last few years. We have gone from Floppy Disks to CD/DVD to Flash Disk to now everything is Online!  Computer technology and its innovations have led to more immersive video games, larger Programs, and more feature heavy Operating Systems.  As software advances your computer can get left behind. This can lead to slow programs, crashing games, and worse. We can help you upgrade your Desktop or Laptop! Come in anytime for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC and let us evaluate your computer and what we can do to make it faster and more efficient.  If you are building a Gaming Computer, we can help too! We have extensive knowledge and experience with the highest end parts and procedures. We will always point you in a direction that makes your money work for you and allow you to get what you expect out of your upgrades.

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