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Desktop and Laptop Repair


Hard Disk Drive "HDD" (Data Storage)

 Symptoms of a Bad HDD

  • Very slow startup / No Boot

  • Files open slowly or not at all

  • Computer locks up, no response

  • Boot Disk not found

  • Failed Windows / Mac Updates

  • Clicking or Whirring sounds

  • Disk not initialized


Power Supply "PSU" (Power)

  Symptoms of a Bad PSU

  • Computer will not power on

  • USB ports stop working

  • Laptop will not charge battery

  • Loud noises from Fan area

  • Popping Sound / Smoke

  • Laptop Charger overly hot

  • Random Computer Power Loss


Motherboard "Mobo" Connections

Symptoms of a Bad Mobo

  • Computer will not Boot properly​

  • USB ports / LAN ports not working

  • Random System Restarts

  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

  • Computer on but no Display

  • Computer will not power on

  • BIOS corruption or CMOS death

      All computers are made up of small electronic components and large electronic modules. Most times as a computer ages its small components start to malfunction. This usually starts as a small problem; front USB ports stop working or the rear audio jack fails.  Sometimes complete modules fail, these modules usually have moving parts in them that fail over time. These include Hard Drives, Power Supplies and Video Cards.  Here in Florida we deal with a tremendous amount of lightning storms and hurricane weather which wreaks havoc on our computers. These issues will happen if you have either a Mac or a Windows PC. Here at US Computer Corporation, we can diagnose and repair these problems with ease. Bring your PC or Mac down to us for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC, and we will get your issue fixed ASAP!

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